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Re: [APD] Barley Straw

Thanks, Terry.  The problem is with an old 75G of mine that my husband has decided to set up as a cichlid tank.  It's been filled with 7.8 pH water.  Ammonia is 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 10; frankly I don't recall the gH, kH numbers off the top of my head (I'm at the office).  It's been up and running for a couple of months with a 3-year-old 32-watt bulb (I know!), four peacock cichlids, one albino pleco, one synodontis cat, 2 mystery snails, and maybe a dozen Malaysian trumpet snails. 

Even with that light load and dim light, the tank has developed an unsightly load of algae on the back glass.  He's kept the sides and front scraped.  Yesterday, he put in an AllGlass triple tube T8 fixture and I envision the algae situation getting a lot worse -- rapidly.

He's been looking at Co2 set-ups and, quite frankly, neither of us has a clue as to where to begin with that.  Perhaps the group can offer suggestions.

I asked about the Barley Straw because there are mixed reports on its effectiveness and it seemed to be a cost effective way of solving the algae problem.

He's open to any and all suggestions -- just doesn't communicate on line :)

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