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[APD] Green water

I am envious.  I am jealous.  What everyone else wants to  get rid of, I 
don't have.  I have tried unsuccessfully to cultivate green  water indoors for 
ages.  I know it may seem strange, but I desperately WANT  to have green water. 
Did I forget to mention that I am eager to learn how  to culture greenwater? 

The reason?    --------------------
I want to grow a small supply of daphnia inside over the winter  months.
Any suggestions?

I have a 2&1/2 gallon tank for daphnia and I use yeast to feed my daphnia. I had bought them at an auction with green water and I put them in the tank with a light over the tank 24/7 but the green water was gone over night, and it was so thick that you could not see two inches through it so now I have to put yeast (that I mix in aquarium water) so that it stays somewhat cloudy. I do not want them togo hungry, nor my fish.
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