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Re: [APD] Giant water bug

>The piece of advice to put a runway behind the tank was particularly 
>valuable.  I'm trying to figure out how arrange the living room to put 
>the tank further from the wall because it's a great idea.

Geez, I'd forgotten to mention that, I'm so used to this now it's
second nature after putting so many tanks in places where... well
uh, you get the picture.

But when you mention moving it away form the wall I get nervous
about floors. Here's what I was told. Affix a yard stick to the
wall have it just rest on the top of the tank. 

Fill the tank. If it moves more than 3/4", you have a problem.

Now, you're lucky that you're in California, the quake codes
generally give you really good floors and if your fllor in
concrete you don't even have to think abot it.


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