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Re: [APD] Giant water bug

aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com wrote:

Yuck.  And I thought dragonfly larvae were bad...

By the way, thanks for the various large tank suggestions that have been 
coming through. I wish the thread hadn't been hijacked. (By someone 
named "Manners"!?!)  I decided to try two inexpensive 2x80W 60" T5 HO 
fixtures I found on eBay for a total of 320W.  Should grow stuff OK and 
I really like the lights with legs that clamp to the sides of the tank.  

The piece of advice to put a runway behind the tank was particularly 
valuable.  I'm trying to figure out how arrange the living room to put 
the tank further from the wall because it's a great idea.

I found SMS Charcoal locally.  A bunch of aquarists harassed our local 
LESCO distrubutor into getting a pallet.  I hope it works out OK.  Only 
$31 for 150 lb. and should be free of crawlies.

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