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[APD] crypt regeneration?

  I had a heavily planted 240G, with 3 96W CF one one end, and a darker end 
with 3 4ft shop lights.  I have since torn down the tank and removed all 
the plants, redistributed the lights, but left the substrate in.  I now 
have 2 of the 96W CF's, one on each end.

Now I am noticing a regrowth of some crypts in my tank. But not just where 
the crypts were originally planted, but everywhere.  Smallish red leaves 
coming  up through the gravel, with small roots.  These all appear to be 
new individual plants.  Can anyone explain what I might be seeing happening 

It will all be moot soon, soon as the oscars, convicts and pacu discover them.


Alan Van Nevel

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