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[APD] Biocube...

Hey, I was in my LFS yesterday and saw an aquarium that looks really
interesting.  I don't yet have my 110 gal. set up (waiting for the big
screen TV to move to the new family room to make room for the aquarium in
the living room), so in the meantime I have a 20 gal planted tank.  But as
anyone knows, these typical setups with their "default" lighting don't have
many watts to grow plants, so my success is limited.  And my little tank is
leaking...  I worry about it maybe springing a bigger leak one of these
Anyway, the one I saw was an Oceanic Biocube 29 -- I found it incredible
that this tanks holds about 1 1/2 times as much as the 20 gal. I have now!
Nice clean, contemporary design.  And the lighting seems more than adequate
for good plant growth.  I haven't checked the archives, but does anyone have
any personal experience with these?
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