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[APD] List Now and List then

I was on this list serve way back when, with Karen and the whole gang
before it all hit the fan.

I have to be grateful 'cause it really was a large part of me being
successfully with planted tanks. On the other hand I very, very often
felt like there was a real hegemony to the list back then.  Sure there
were millions of posts (about how to grow plants) but it really seemed
like there was the APD way or the highway.  When I became more
confident I started doing things differently I never posted much about
it 'cause I didn't want someone that spent 50 hours a week in front of
the computer to pan me.

At times the flame wars got kind of nuts. I would think, "like whoa
people, this is aquarium plants here" also it seemed like some people
were spending WAY to much time on the list.

So, I am kind of happy to see it like this.  More traffic would be
nicer, the big smackdown prolly moved some of the aquatic plant energy
elsewhere. Maybe in time this list will come back some.  I do hope so
cause I don't much care for message boards.

Just my $0.02


Adam Novitt

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