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Re: [APD] people are busy I guess...

Bill said:  Not to defend or support APC, but their "Science of . . . "
sections contain a lot of excellent material,

Richard responded:  Much of it wrong.

And Bill says:  See?

Bill added:  . . . that kind [of stuff] that used to be posted here, 

Richard responded:  Before we figured out what not to do.

Bill says:  "We" again!

Bill said later:  . . .  and the "El Natural" forum there has shown a lot of
people that there is a good option to high tech aquariums.  

Richard opined:  As long as you don't mind green water and algae and a 50/50
chance of your tank not looking like crap. I've yet to see a published photo
of one of these tanks with clear water.

Bill says:  I have three of those NPT's.  Two are as clear as aquarium water
gets, although it's hard to tell because of the dense plant growth.  One of
those is due for its second major pruning in the 4 1/2 months that it's been
set up.  "Major" means that about half of the plant biomass will be removed.
The third needs some work, but even high tech tanks do from time to time.  I
think my experience is typical of that of people who have kept that type of
tank. <g>


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