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Re: [APD] People are busy I guess

Hi, Moishe,

A funny post!  Healthy looking plants!

I don't think people are too busy to post here.  Other lists are booming.
Rather, I think that this list has become moribund because it has ceased to
be a place where people posted and learned about growing aquatic plants.
Those who are interested in that go elsewhere.

For example, in September, more than 1/3 of the 176 posts dealt with three
topics:  plants weights, LED technology, and bleach sterilization.  Only
about 10 percent of the posts dealt directly with plants, and most of those
concerned one species, Cryptocoryne balansae.  Almost all of the others were
about technical issues, such as ballasts, light reflection, and similar

Now, all of those things are of interest to some people, particularly those
very knowledgeable people who like to debate the finer points among
themselves.  Unfortunately, that is not of great interest to many of us.  


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