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Re: [APD] Scientific, Controlled Study on Effectiveness of Inoculation

I believe Jerry Baker wrote this email section below:
> While searching for something totally unrelated I came across an article 
> outlining a study of the effectiveness of adding bacteria to aquariums 
> to speed up the nitrification cycle. The analysis of ammonia, nitrites, 
> and nitrates were not done with our crummy hobbyist test kits either, 
> but with a spectrophotometer. As it turns out, the product tested did 
> contain live nitrifying bacteria. It seems to have aided nitrification 
> in the experiment somewhat.

But failed to discover if the product lowered bad bacteria, which causes 

This test was on a marine tank.
The seawater nitrifying bacteria species is different from freshwater 
nitrifying bacteria.

MarineLand Labs product BIO-Spira uses different bacteria for marine or 
freshwater use for example.

I'm amazed that in 2007 we still have quite a few products on the market 
which don't contain the correct species of nitrifying bacteria!

I can think of only Stability, BIO-Spira and SafeStart that actually work in 
cycling a tank.

I guess you've read:

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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