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Re: [APD] LED Technology

One huge advantage of LEDs hasn't been mentioned. It can drive all kinds 
of illumination-design changes for planted tanks.

They are tiny low-Voltage and inherently sealed devices. Therefore, the 
lamps can safely be submersed, eliminating the pesky air/water 
interface, and the scatter loss from aged (frosty) cover glasses. They 
are efficient enough that they likely do not need to overheat the tank, 
too, but aluminum fins up into the air can get rid of excess heat..

They are so small that an ultra-thin light bar, floating just below the 
front surface, can give an entirely new way to see the plants in an 
aquarium. [Fluorescents have been used in this way, with severe 
limitations. They are fat and clunky. The failure mode for those is so 
spectacular that I don't wish to be there when it happens.]

Remember you read it here first. Don't try to patent it, because I just 
put it in the public domain (again, in case my earlier notes on this 
have been lost in the archives).


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>> >Any comments?
> "LED lighting will be practical *soon*"
> Just like it has been for 30 years. Never mind there's an 
> advance in fluorescent and HID ballasts that make them
> almost half as expesive to run in the works.

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