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Re: [APD] LED Technology (again)

Jerry Baker wrote:
>> But I can't see daylight LED bulbs in peoples houses. I tried them once and
>> my wife was horrified at how it 'changed' the colour of everything.
>> I could spot my house from miles away at night. It was the only white light 
>> and stood out like a lighthouse!
> That's funny. I tried them too and my living room window stood out. The 
> contrast made my window look blue. Any thoughts I had that the lights 
Same wife factor here has been noted with simple CF white light screw in 
types.  She would not accept the ones in the hallway where there is a 
dressing mirror. The complaints did not diminish after a 1 month trial 
period.  She could not stand to look at herself under "white" CF light. 
Personally I find it much more relaxing. The reason could be the 1/4 
power consumption of tungsten sits well with my Scottish side. *grin*  I 
like it in the computer room mostly as I find it complements the displays.

As for LED, it's out of my range really to even try at this point.

- Chris.

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