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[APD] hydrogen peroxide dosage

I believe Richard J. Sexton wrote this email section below:

> If that is indeed the problem, the fastest way to put more
> oxygen in the water is a bit of hydrogen peroxide.
> Dieter Untergasser mentions this specifically in "Handbook
> of fish Diseases" (TFH Press) P 132
> He suggess 25 ml of 3% peroxide per 100 liters if aquarium water
> and cites Krause 1985. In no case can this dose be repeated.

Seems like a lot.
At 3% solution, surely 0.05ml per litre is enough to oxygenate?
ie 5ml for 100 litres?
Mind with this small level you can repeat dosage every 12 hours.


Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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