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Re: [APD] Fish breathing heavily after water change

At 10:14 PM 8/26/07 -0500, you wrote:
>The temperature of the incoming tap water here is 
>15 to 25 F above the usual temperature of the 
>year round normal. The temp of my fish room tanks 
>runs about 72 to 76.  Right now the ground water 
>measures 85. The solubility of O2 in this water 
>is far less than usual. One might take this in 
>mind about gasping after a water change.

If that is indeed the problem, the fastest way to put more
oxygen in the water is a bit of hydrogen peroxide.

Dieter Untergasser mentions this specifically in "Handbook
of fish Diseases" (TFH Press) P 132

He suggess 25 ml of 3% peroxide per 100 liters if aquarium water
and cites Krause 1985. In no case can this dose be repeated.


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