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[APD] Susan Aufieri

Hello Susan:
I replied thusly to your email, but your spam stopper apparently thinksI'm a spammer!
Hello Susan:
> I saw your post on the APD regarding a 56-57 liter planted tank for  > goldfish. Sorry to say, you'll likely have a better outcome with  > something smaller, like tetras. Goldfish need bigger volumes ofwater  > â more along the lines of 75+ liters/fish. My own two are kept in a  > 285 liter tank, which is roomy for indoor fish. When they go out to  > my friend's pond in the Summer, they come back in even healthier  > (it's about a 4,000 gallon (US) pond).
Yeah I know. I keep 3 Otoclinius and a small school of X-ray Tetra's inmy own tank.  
> Particularly if there are young children involved here, small tetras  > would be a better choice. Nothing worse than a child going to feed  > Goldie and finding it belly up.
This is for a bloke who specifically wants to keep three Goldfish in aplanted tank. He's in his 30's and no kids. Oddly when I was young Inever had problems with Goldfish, but I never kept more than three. Onelived for 15 years!
Thanks and Regards

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