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Re: [APD] Goldfish Tank


        Dont put any fish in till the plants have rooted. Avoid all small
leaf or soft stemmed plants. Crypts, Anubias, Java ferns, Crinium 
Thianum and similar worked with me. Golds will nibble on Cabombas,
Elodea/Hydrilla types. They pull out Vals also..

        The top layers will get aquascaped by the goldfishes. They
suck up gravel and spit it out. Have a thick the top gravel layer. Any
slopes will get ironed out by the fishes.

        If you fill up the tank with plants, leave a patch of plain gravel
to keep them happy.


>I've been asked to set up a aquascaped and planted Goldfish tank. The
>tank is small, about 60cm X 30cm X 30cm, and will be heated at about
>18-20C. What plants can I use without the Goldfish buggering the whole
>lot up? Substrate will be quartz gravel - 2mm or so grain size, perhaps
>over laterite which is easy to get here. Tank can easily be high light,
>but will not receive any direct sun.

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