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Re: [APD] Off Topic: LED lights

Color Kinetics already does it.


Read the pdf file..........says you can adjust both the color temperature
and the intensity.  Also says that this can be used in a wet environment!!!


Color Kinetics already holds patents on how to control the led arrays.

Not sure how much this particular array of white lights costs...........but
I can find out.   My sister and brother both work for this company, btw.

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> Hi Folks,
> I'm mostly a lurker on this list, but now and then a lighting topic
> piques my interests.
> I think the time may be near for using LED lighting in the aquarium
> hobby.  A company called Lumileds, which created the "Luxeon" power
> led some years ago recently released a new product called the "Rebel".
>   The rebel is set to leave all previous led technologies in the dust,
> but they're darn difficult to work with, as each led is smaller than a
> grain of rice.  These leds are in the order of 1 to 2 watts, with
> efficacy of over 100 lumens/watt, ranking them right up there with the
> best metal halide has to offer.  Knowing the fact that the rebels
> entire output is directed at roughly 120 degrees opposed to the 360
> degree emission of a metal halide bulb, the end result is twice as
> much light (per watt of heat) compared to MH.
> I'm waiting on some collimating optics and then I'll set out at trying
> to figure out how to use these little gems to light up my 29 gallon
> tank.  I have two ideas I want to try:
> 1) Form "clusters" of three leds, one each of red, blue and green,
> using a special optics package designed for primary color mixing.
> This should allow me to control the exact color balance of the light,
> so I can adjust it to my personal tastes.  The downside to this
> approach is increased complexity of managing three separate light
> sources.
> 2) Same cluster of three as above, but mixing white, red and green, I
> will use the "white" led (which is blue with yellow phosphors) to
> provide the bulk of the illumination and the red and green to adjust
> the color balance.  There major industrial drive right now to produce
> blindingly bright white leds, so finding a way to harness that would
> be an advantage.
> The optics I'm waiting on were announced a few weeks ago, and should
> be in distribution by July.  So I've got a bit of time yet to do more
> planning!
> Gordon
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