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Re: [APD] Off Topic: LED lights

At best the energy to light efficiency might approach that of fluorescents and MHs but it tends to be less -- sometimes substantially less. The energy not given off as light is given off as heat. The simpel fact is, if one looks at the numbers is that they are less efficient, which means that they will give off more heat for each watt of input than fluorescents or MHs. This is were the hoopla and misinformation about LEDs comes. . . you can find bad bulbs that they are more efficient than but they generally run less efficient than the 35% efficiency of decent fluorescents and MHs. You won't notice much heat with a single250 mw LED, but with ten times that number, the heat would not only be noticeable but greater than say a T5 or decent HID/MH.

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>There will be lots of heat!

Not as much heat as with current lighting systems.  LED's do produce heat,
but no where near as much heat as other lighting methods as they are much
more efficient at producing light.  Only real complaint is that LED lighting
for aquariums are currently so bloody expensive.  

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