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Re: [APD] CO2 and Planted Rift lake tanks

Thanks to all that have responded. I have had suspicions that CO2 could be 
used. I completely missed it in reading APD since 2003-2004. Like I said, I 
wasn't interested before this.

I have been recently posting at a cichlid site, called NYCichlids.com. The 
plant section is very sparse. I have been posting quotes from the APD and 
AGA Forum that I have saved. In this thread 
http://www.nycichlids.com/viewtopic.php?t=5343 I posted about the 
possibilities of CO2 in an African tank. For me it was as if it was the 
first time I had seen it. If you read the thread, you will see that I PM'd 
Tom Barr and asked him to respond. He did by PM which I posted. I am in 
water over my head there. I don't have the CO2 experience.

Liz, thanks for the 1 unit pH drop tip. That is what I need to know. Now, 
next question: Does the pH return to the initially buffered pH the tank 
starts at when the CO2 goes off at night? Another one: once I get the 
initial drop of 1 unit, do I leave the CO2 flowing at the same rate which 
took it to the 1 unit drop? Remember, I am a total novice in this territory. 
Or do I then control it to the pH, about 7.2 in this case. (Starting at 

I have Gold ocellatus here at work in a 37. Plants C. usteriana, Hygro 
corymbosa and H. polysperma. C. wendtii and C. x willisii in the 10 with 
Otocinclus and Parotocinclus, Skunk loaches, Platys in hard water and high 
pH. All tanks are 2 watts per gallon or so. I use Seachem Lake Salts and 
Tanganyika Buffer. I am in the middle of setting up a 50 and 38 here for my 
office which will replace the 37 and 10 currently in there. I have to finish 
building the stand and assemble the AH Supply Brite Kits.

Liz, do you have a link to Rex Griggs site where you read about the 1 unit 

Jerry Smith

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