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Re: [APD] OK to trim Anubias roots?

At 12:17 PM 4/9/07 -0500, you wrote:
>The beard algae that took over my tank a month ago is slowly 
>disappearing, and the plants are growing again.  I have a couple of 
>anubias in there that I need to take out and bleach to get the thick 
>algae off their leaves.  One of them is easy to remove because it was a 
>recent cutting.  It has lots of roots but they are not very long.  The 
>other (the plant that I too the cutting from); I tried to pull it up a 
>couple of weeks ago and it has a network of fine roots that spread all 
>thru the substrate.  Will it hurt the plant if I cut most of those 
>roots?  Seems like it would be the same as planting a cutting, except 
>this will have a head start because I'm not going to cut *all* the roots.

I really wouldn't. You'll lose those slow growing leaves.

Double dose with flourish excel then dose per the label, that'll
get rid of it without any plant damage - bleaching it will set it back
for weeks if not months.


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