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Re: [APD] filter recommendations

Hi Nick,

I would skip the lighting for now.   The koi will eat all plants that you
attempt in there.  A couple of cheapo run of the mill aquarium strip lights
will work just to illuminate the tank for now.   My advice is to run two
good sized canister filters and be prepared to do large frequent water
changes.   I have a 240 gallon tank that houses African cichlids - I use two
large canister filters and two strip lights designed for 55 gallon aquariums
(perfecto).  The light is fine for a fish only set up.  Keeping koi in an
aquarium is tough...........hopefully the pond will be ready soon....that is
one heck of a fish load you are attempting.  You can also buy a good sized
kiddie pool for under $100 and keep them outdoors.  Get the pools that have
the high sides and fold up.  Not the short plastic ones.........they jump
out of those.

Terry B

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