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Re: [APD] How much lighting for a 36" 58G planted tank?

>So my question is how much lighting is enough for a 36" 58 or 70 gallon
>planted tank?  I know this is a bit like asking how long is a bit of
>string but bear with me!  Previously I've used a single 18" tube for a
>24" tank or two small powercompacts for a 65L, I know I want more light
>than that but in my local fish store they have 36" lighting arrays with
>4 x 30w or 4 x 39 T5 tubes which seems like allot of lighting for a tank
>that size (but I'm no expert on lighting), I want good lighting so I get
>good plant growth but I don't want too much lighting that its complete
>overkill (the store also has Metal Halide, Power Compact and high power
>Marine LED lighting arrays)...

What plants do you want? If all you want is crypts, anubias and moss you
could use an incandescent lightbulb. If you want to grow high light plants
you'll need more.


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