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Re: [APD] Planted Discus Tank using Natural methods?

At 07:35 AM 2/9/07 -0800, you wrote:
>Hey, I had yeast in the fungus column, not under animals!  ;-)

It is. I reaally can't name any animal that doesn't excrete. Maybe a virus but
we're nudging up against the definition of animal here.
>There is, I believe, some confusion about what snails eat and what happens
to it when they do.  When I was a lad, folks in fish stores used to tell
people that snails cleaned up the mess from fish, which at best is a
terrible exaggeration of what scavenger feeders do and at penultimate worst
just plain ignorance or at the worst, just plain lying to make a sale.
>It's one of those myths that seems to remain in the hobby, along with the
carbon myths, the airstone myths, the avoid all phosphates myth, etc.,
>Have snails, have snail poop, 



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