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Re: [APD] Planted Discus Tank using Natural methods?

Hey, I had yeast in the fungus column, not under animals!  ;-)
There is, I believe, some confusion about what snails eat and what happens to it when they do.  When I was a lad, folks in fish stores used to tell people that snails cleaned up the mess from fish, which at best is a terrible exaggeration of what scavenger feeders do and at penultimate worst just plain ignorance or at the worst, just plain lying to make a sale.
It's one of those myths that seems to remain in the hobby, along with the carbon myths, the airstone myths, the avoid all phosphates myth, etc.,
Have snails, have snail poop, 

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>There are animals that don't poop but they lead dreadfully short and
presumably ultimately painful lives.

Yeah but we don't keep those in aquaria. Even yeast poops.

As somebody that has kept only snails and only shrimp in tanks
I can tell you thoe buggers poop more than equivalent fish biomass.
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