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[APD] Ideas for encouraging/controlling floating plants

Hi All,

Most of the discussions on here about floating plants
that I've observed tend to be about what a pain
duckweed is to remove. :) I particularly remember
someone suggesting a wet vac!

But I have a spot in my 37G that I'd actually like
some floating plants to thrive, though I'd greatly
prefer frogbit (what's its fancy name?) or maybe
Riccia to the rabid duckweed. The spot could cover as
much as 1/3 of the tank (under it are a bunch of java
ferns growing on lace rock-- oh, and algae). 

The problem, as I'm sure you're aware, is keeping the
frogbit where I want it. I know that some pond keepers
string fishing line to keep floaters in a particular
spot, but fishing line up there would make water
changing kind of a pain. Any ideas about what I could
attach to keep the frogbit on that side that I could
also remove easily when needed?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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