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Re: [APD] CO2, water changes gas phase Vol1

Liz Wilhite wrote:
> There's a really easy way to do all of ths without going around the world.
> Get some plants established in pots in a 10 gal. tank containing no
> substrate except what is in the pots.  Rais the pots so the leaves but not
> the substrate are out of the water for 10 minutes then lower them back down
> .  That's crude but would be suggestive of  the effect of exposure to
> gaseous CO2.  Ideally that would be done under a variety of different mixes
> of Argon (or another inert gas) and CO2 with the amount of CO2 in the gas
> varying between 0% and 100%.  Oxygen should not be present in the gas mix.

That's an excellent idea. I believe the initial aim of Mr. Barr's 
experiment was to test the hypothesis that exposure to gaseous CO2 will 
increase oxygen production in aquatic plants, and I think there may be 
better (read easier/cheaper) ways to go about testing that hypothesis.

Someone should create a list of experiments "To Do" on a page somewhere 
so any interested aquarists or magazine authors could find a good 
research project if they are so inclined.

> Interestingly enough, everytime people report seeing effects that have been
> "disproven" there is always an assumption that the people did "something
> wrong" or "think they know what is happening but don't" rather than looking
> and saying that perhaps the "proven truth" wasn't really proven and isn't
> really true.

Some of the best scientific discoveries started with, "Hmmm, that's 
strange" when an experiment doesn't end the way we expect.

"He who throws dirt is sure to lose ground."

Jerry Baker
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