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Re: [APD] Aqua Medic Membrane CO2 Reactor

Vaughn Hopkins wrote:
> That type of reactor is supposed to put CO2 in the water by letting  
> it flow through a gas permeable membrane.  If you had enough square  
> inches of the membrane it should work, but as near as I can see, that  
> unit doesn't provide nearly enough square inches.  I haven't figured  
> out what the black plastic things do either, just looking at the  
> photos.  I think the membranes are the thin white cylinders tucked  
> down in the "housing".

The black things are supposed to hold medication, food, or whatever else 
you want to put in them. In other words, they are pointless and can be 
removed as far as I can tell. I purchased one of these things to see if 
they work or not. If they do, it would be nice to not have to deal with 
bubbles and whatnot.

"He who throws dirt is sure to lose ground."

Jerry Baker
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