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[APD] Fluval hoses

Well I have been running a test set-up in the kitchen, in a plastic storage 
bin (toybox sort of thing) No filtration, but I am testing a powerhead and 
heater in there. It has been going about two months at least. The main 
purpose of it is to flush the colour out of some bits of driftwood/bogwood. 
I change the water every two weeks or so. A couple of weeks ago, I dragged a 
Fluval 304 out of the cupboard, not having enough tubes etc I only got as 
far as hanging the inlet return part over the edge and connecting the rigid 
(Fluval) inlet tube (grey plastic) into the water. I had cut this to the 
right length.. A week or so later thee was a nasty white scum on the 
surface, which would "clump" if you dragged a finger through it. It seemed 
to more or less disappear spontaneously. I did a water change, a week or ten 
days later it was back, thicker than ever. two days later more or less gone. 
Anyone any ideas as to what this might be? I would hate to have it happen in 
a tank with fish in. Can these plastic rigid pipes be cut or are they 
"sealed" somehow? 

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