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Re: [APD] Soil in tanks

Well, there's the thing of it, right there. Actually, it's almost impossible not to grow plants if you try, above the water or below. Some are persnickety (like laces when it comes to warm water) but many are are downright accommodating.

And you can try in any of a number of diff ways.

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Back in 1962, While Walstad was probably a child, no one ever "cycled"  
tanks, no one did water changes because the "balanced aquarium" was IN, and  most 
LFSs sold only bunch plants, a German lady advised me to set up  planted tanks 
the following way: 
1.   about half inch per 10 gallon capacity of chemical free  dampened 
African violet potting soil
2.   2-3 inches of #3 gravel A lot smaller than most available  today)
3.   put in about 2 inches of the water and plant the  plants
4.   fill about halfway with water from an established tank, the  rest of the 
way with "aged' water
5.   put in fish after a week

She advised putting the tank where it would get some natural light, and  
regulate algae growth by balancing the artificial light by timing (incandescent  
in those days) and window light by shading. 

I came home with a lace plant, pygmy chain swords, and crypts, among  others. 
Everything grew like crazy.  I only had a little box  filter.  I have done 
new tanks this way ever since.  Very low  tech.
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