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Re: [APD] Soil in tanks

I believe REDRAGON40 at aol_com wrote this email section below:

> I came home with a lace plant, pygmy chain swords, and crypts, among  others. 
>  Everything grew like crazy.  I only had a little box  filter.  I have done 
> new tanks this way ever since.  Very low  tech.
> Carol   < ' )))><

I bet in 1962 probably few people knew this trick.

Now with the Internet and Wikis ;-) millions of hobbyists can try it and get 
it right.

That's what is so wonderful about the Internet and Wikis. The quick and easy 
spread of information by everyone.

For too long information spreading was slow and hard. Now we don't need 
commercial companies or expert computer people to build the equivalent of a 
book and pass it across the World.

Stuart Halliday
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