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Re: [APD] dead otos...

My impression is that otos are very often overstressed at the LFS  
before we buy them.  So, I have had about a 50% mortality rate when I  
introduce them to my tank.  The last batch I got, 5 of them, was the  
best, because only one died.  But, those that do survive the  
introduction seem to live for several  years.


On Jan 9, 2007, at 4:18 PM, Nick Andrews wrote:

> What seems to kill otos fast?  I set up a 20gal tank ~5weeks ago.   
> I put one in and it did okay for a while, then died.  I put four  
> more in last Wed and all died.  NO3 is 20ppm, NO2 is .5ppm, pH  
> around 7.2.  GDA is starting to cover the walls.  Moderately  
> planted.   1 Bumblebee cat, five neons, 6 2" rainbows, ghost shrimp  
> and a blue Gourami.  Any ideas?
> Nick A
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> Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 14:34:47 -0800 (PST)
> From: "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
> Subject: Re: [APD] algae and critters, me too
> To: aquatic plants digest <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>
> Otos are very selective algae eaters and even with the right  
> stufff, it takes an army for them to eat much. Otoh, you'd be hard  
> pressed to have enough of them grazing off of leaves to harm the  
> leaves. Otooh, they're cute little buggers and make a nice  
> adddition to most planted tanks.
> sh

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