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Re: [APD] algae and critters, me too

I believe John Hess (johnfhess at comcast_net wrote this email section below:
 >  Light is 2x 54W T5 Tek lights,
> on 11 hours/day.  CO2 automatic. 

A bit too long.
Cut back on that time by an hour or two and hopefully your plants will kick 
in with absorbing the excess nutrients the algae is.

> When the Otos travel along plant leaves, are they cleaning algae
> off the leaves or are they damaging the leaves? 

Otos eat algae off leaves, they tend not to damage the leaves.

  If anyone thinks I'm
> setting myself up for a massive failure, please let me know. -- cheers, 

The snails will reproduce like mad...either you'll like this look or you won't.

You didn't say what the substrate is?

If its a nutrient rich soil, then perhaps a few water changes wouldn't go a 
miss to reduce the released nutrients in the water.

If its just gravel, then the plants will soon stop growing.

 > and added plant food.  I'll probably try plant food !

Ahh you like feeding your algae then? ;-)

Stuart Halliday
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