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Re: [APD] algae and critters, me too

Stuart Halliday

> I believe John Hess (johnfhess at comcast_net wrote this email 
> section below:
> > Light is 2x 54W T5 Tek lights,
> > on 11 hours/day.  CO2 automatic. 
> Wow.
> A bit too long.
> Cut back on that time by an hour or two and hopefully your 
> plants will kick in with absorbing the excess nutrients the algae is.
> > When the Otos travel along plant leaves, are they cleaning algae off

> > the leaves or are they damaging the leaves?
> Otos eat algae off leaves, they tend not to damage the leaves.

Otos eat diatomaceous algae (the brown slime stuff).  If you are
counting on them to eat green algae, good luck.

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