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Re: [APD] how to grow stem plants (Bacopa)

Hi Tom,
You don't mention CO2 or Excel.  Plants need carbon in order to  
grow.  So, aquatic plants need to either grow very slowly - low light  
intensity - or they need Excel as the minimum and CO2 as the ideal  
source of carbon.


On Jan 6, 2007, at 8:59 AM, Tom C wrote:

> Hello,
> I've been having a hard time keeping stem plants such as the bacopa  
> family
> alive in my tank. I have a 10 and 20 gallon tank. 10 gallon has 20  
> Watt CF
> lights and the 20 gallon has 55 watt CF lights. But still what I am  
> seeing
> is that there is growth at the top of the plant but the leaves near  
> the
> middle or bottom of the plant wither away slowly with time. How can
> successfully grow these type of plants? I dose regularly following
> Estimative Index method. I have a Flourite substrate with sand on top.
> Is this still a lighting problem?
> Thanks.
> -Tom
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