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Re: [APD] Lighting for new tank (30 Gallon Long)

Hi Steven,
Your plan looks good to me.  For a low light tank you should have  
about the right amount of light.  If you install those kits in  your  
hood I suspect  you will want to add a little cooling fan too.

On Jan 1, 2007, at 9:59 AM, Steven Pituch wrote:

> Hi all,
> If I could piggy back on this thread......  I also have a 36 inch  
> long tank
> I am considering PC lighing for.  However, it is a low light tank  
> with no
> CO2 injection, and the dimensions are 36 inches long by 17 inches  
> high and
> about 12.5 inches deep (30 gallon).  I have been growing Crypts,  
> African
> Bolbitus, and Java Fern in this tank for about 3 years with little
> intervention.  I have been using one ColorMax F30 T12 bulb (36  
> inch), and
> one very old Penn Plax bulb (T8) that has about one-third the  
> brightness of
> the other bulb.  The metalized reflector coating on the plastic  
> housing is
> highly deteriorated.  Growth has been slow but very nice and algae
> production has been minimal.
> In this particular case, I think an AHS 96W PC would be overkill  
> for this
> tank (30 gallon long).  It is the perfect length but with the AHS  
> reflector
> I think it would be a high light/high growth setup that would  
> require CO2.
> I think the 55W PC would be about right Wattage-wise except that it  
> would
> not cover 14 inches of the length of the tank.  So I am considering  
> four 13
> Watt PCs from AHS in a straight line, as the kits would cost only  
> $66.  This
> should give me 52 Watts of PC, and with the AHS reflector I think I  
> would
> have more light than I presently have, but not too much as to  
> require CO2.
> I prefer low maintenance slow growth tanks.  I haven't had any  
> problems with
> this tank since I stopped dosing fertilizers and added fifty  
> Endlers to the
> tank.
> Any suggestions on a viable PC lighting setup would be appreciated.
> Steve Pituch

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