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[APD] Lighting for new tank (30 Gallon Long)

Hi all,
If I could piggy back on this thread......  I also have a 36 inch long tank
I am considering PC lighing for.  However, it is a low light tank with no
CO2 injection, and the dimensions are 36 inches long by 17 inches high and
about 12.5 inches deep (30 gallon).  I have been growing Crypts, African
Bolbitus, and Java Fern in this tank for about 3 years with little
intervention.  I have been using one ColorMax F30 T12 bulb (36 inch), and
one very old Penn Plax bulb (T8) that has about one-third the brightness of
the other bulb.  The metalized reflector coating on the plastic housing is
highly deteriorated.  Growth has been slow but very nice and algae
production has been minimal.

In this particular case, I think an AHS 96W PC would be overkill for this
tank (30 gallon long).  It is the perfect length but with the AHS reflector
I think it would be a high light/high growth setup that would require CO2.
I think the 55W PC would be about right Wattage-wise except that it would
not cover 14 inches of the length of the tank.  So I am considering four 13
Watt PCs from AHS in a straight line, as the kits would cost only $66.  This
should give me 52 Watts of PC, and with the AHS reflector I think I would
have more light than I presently have, but not too much as to require CO2.
I prefer low maintenance slow growth tanks.  I haven't had any problems with
this tank since I stopped dosing fertilizers and added fifty Endlers to the
Any suggestions on a viable PC lighting setup would be appreciated.
Steve Pituch

-----Original Message-----
A 96 watt AH Supply kit, http://www.ahsupply.com/96watt.htm, would be ideal
for that size tank.  That would provide more light than the T8 or T10 bulbs,
largely because the reflector is so good, and the 2 watt per gallon "rule"
assumes good reflectors.  This kit isn't terribly expensive either, and you
can make a hood for it following AHS's DIY instructions cheaply too.

> I am setting up a 50 gallon plant tank with pressurized co2. The tank 
> dimensions are 36x18x18. I want to run about 2 WPG. I was looking at a 
> 3 bulb T8 fixture  Is the output of three  25 watt T8 bulbs equivalent 
> to three 30 watt T 10 bulbs ? Also should I consider a single 96 watt 
> PC as an alternative ?
> Henry Hatch

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