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[APD] is there a FAQ somewhere?

I’m doing my level best to make sense of what I’ve been reading on this list
in the last couple of weeks, but I’m new to this technical side of the hobby
and High School chemistry was a long time ago. I’m also finding it tough to
keep up with all the abbreviations. So far I’ve managed ok with Google, but
it would really be great if there were a list somewhere….


I’m not talking about the old ‘how to set up a fish tank’ nonsense – more
like WTF are all the chemical names and algae abbreviations? Is there a
basic “water chemistry for aquatic gardeners” primer out there somewhere?
Yes, I’ve got Walstad and I’m working my way through it, but it’s a long


My first thought when I saw “GDA” was somebody cursing about algae. ;->


Anyway, if someone could point me to such a resource, I’d be most grateful.


Back to lurking,



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