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Re: [APD] is there a FAQ somewhere?

I believe Rebecca Perry wrote this email section below:

> I’m not talking about the old ‘how to set up a fish tank’ nonsense – more
> like WTF are all the chemical names and algae abbreviations? Is there a
> basic “water chemistry for aquatic gardeners” primer out there somewhere?
> Yes, I’ve got Walstad and I’m working my way through it, but it’s a long
> haul.

> My first thought when I saw “GDA” was somebody cursing about algae. ;->

> Anyway, if someone could point me to such a resource, I’d be most grateful.

I know what you mean!

Please try this site I've been building up.

I just added GDA (Green Dust Algae) the other day.


The neat thing about this Glossary is that *anyone* can easily add to it.

Walstad is mentioned too... :-)

You can even add it to your IE7 or Firefox web browser search function so 
it's always on tap!

Stuart Halliday

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