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Re: [APD] LED lights

I believe Gary wrote this email section below:
> Hello all,
> Here is a site that offers some details and products on growing terrestrials with LED lights.
> Very pricey, though.  http://www.ledgrowlights.com/

Yes, they're getting better and better.

I see LED manufacturers have just brought out a LED that produces more light
than a T8 tube! Seemingly they're aiming for T5 efficiency next. So this
time next year perhaps?

I see also a large range of common bulbs used in the outdoor lighting
industry are now bringing out LED equivalents.

http://rswww.com/ and click on the Electronic Products section.
Lots of new LED devices in there for the Trade.

These controllable LED devices look interesting: http://www.lumidrives.com/

But I estimate the market will take another 5 years to be an affordable
alternative to tubes.

Stuart Halliday
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