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Re: [APD] Mearuring Ph and CO2

On 12/6/06, Bill <Billinet at comcast_net> wrote:
> <<Bill, if you are experienced, just cranking up the CO2 a tad is
> probably all you need to know.  But, for those of us with less
> experience it is much more difficult.  We can't really tell if we
> have almost enough or far from enough CO2 because we don't have the
> experience to "read the tank".  Since we know the fish will suffer if
> we crank up the CO2 too much, we are hesitant to go past the point
> where the fish just might be suffering. . . . .<<
> OK, Vaughn, the next time someone with a plant growing problem is advised
> to
> increase the CO2 level and you don't respond in a similar manner, I will
> forward that thread to you 100 times.  <g>

ROTFL!!!  I still remember when I asked for help with a BBA outbreak and was
told to crank up the CO2 because that was the problem -- that is *always*
the problem if you have BBA.  When I wrote back that the BBA was *on* the
ceramic CO2 diffuser and the outbreak had *started* on the diffuser the
silence was deafening.

I failed to mention, later, that I ended up tearing down the tank and
restarting from scratch. Or that the first place the next outbreak started
was on a new ceramic diffuser.  Or that the outbreaks were later found to be
100% correlated with dosing CSM+B, even at 1/4 the recommended amounts.
(With the water supply I have now plants just sit there not growing at all
without CSM+B.)

I'm dumb, but not crazy.  I slowly figured out that if you want to say
something radical like "everything in balance" then you best not say it
here.  Even a dumb person eventually realizes that a sledgehammer to the
head is not a pleasant experience.  I will now await the proclaimations that
the whole problem was CO2, because that is always the cause of BBA, 100% of
the time. :)

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