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Re: [APD] Mearuring Ph and CO2

<<Bill, if you are experienced, just cranking up the CO2 a tad is  
probably all you need to know.  But, for those of us with less  
experience it is much more difficult.  We can't really tell if we  
have almost enough or far from enough CO2 because we don't have the  
experience to "read the tank".  Since we know the fish will suffer if  
we crank up the CO2 too much, we are hesitant to go past the point  
where the fish just might be suffering. . . . .<<

OK, Vaughn, the next time someone with a plant growing problem is advised to
increase the CO2 level and you don't respond in a similar manner, I will
forward that thread to you 100 times.  <g>


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