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[APD] Dissolved O2 membranes

Both David and Vaughn has expressed some doubts as to the
ability of a DO memebrane used for DO meters/readings for
adaptation to CO2 pH probe measurements.

Nice try, but the KCL solution is retained by the DO memebrane
just like a bicarbonate solution would be and the transfer rates
for CO2 are similar across the teflon or the higher
permability(but less durable) membranes. 

I've spoken with American Marine and with Milwaukee already
about converting their DO probes over to a pH/baking soda ref

This way we have a nice screw on cap membrane and the pH probe
in there instead of an O2 probe. We do not use a KCL
electrolyte, rather a baking soda electrolyte.

There is no reason this will not work as I have described and be
extremely accurate, durable as a DO probe.
Both dissolved gases will pass through these membranes.

Tom Barr


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