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[APD] Low traffic

The convention obviously has the prolific posters in a state of burn-out.

I want to thank all involved, both the APD folks and the SFBAAPS crew 
for a marvelous experience. I do not recall ever seeing a volunteer crew 
work together more efficiently.

I had a ball, and didn't leave until the auction was over at about 3:30 
PM. Bad choice!

It was storming on top of the Sierras, with blizzard conditions on the 7 
high passes I had to get through (the two more southerly passes were 
closed for the winter). The wind was over 70MPH steady, with gusts of 90 
or more. Frequent total white-outs. I staggered into my mobile home at 
2:20 the next morning, and have taken most of the week to recover. Still 
trying to get all those new plants settled.

Thanks, again, folks. It was great putting a face to all those 
anonymous-seeming emails. I had a ball!


Wright Huntley - Rt. 001 Box K36, Bishop CA 93514 - whuntley at verizon_net  760 937-2276 (cell) .

"You can hear a lot by listening"
- Yogi Berra


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