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>>My GDA does not corresponded to the mentioned cycle. I left to mature the
coat over glasses many times for 15 days, 20 days, clean up all the mess,
and then snap!, Back again.

I tell you what, they colonize plants too. So as soon plant take a new
leave, you have a brand new place for GDA to move to a new home.

>>I don?t know if my strain is different from yours in the north hemisphere,
but the ?just leave it alone? did not worked at all for me.>>

I have something that looks like GDA on the rear and sides of my aquarium.
It has been there "forever."  I do wipe the front glass every month or so,
so that might be why it persists.

Not all algae that grows on glass is GDA, in either hemisphere.  Actually,
if you can live with it, it provides food for the fish and (probably) helps
a little to keep the water clean.


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