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Re: [APD] Water Testing

>> . . Now I am going in other direction. Somebody said: don?t measure water
parameters if you use EI, since you can predict what?s up all the time. 
Well, I did it with precision reactives and I found low nitrates and high
phosphates in my current schedule. I was supposing an intake rate that was
not true. >>

Had you posted a question about plant growth problems, you would have been
advised to add more CO2.

One of the difficulties with EI is that it assumes that people measure
nutrients accurately, that a planted tank uses a standard amount of
nutrients, and that the lighting and water conditions are appropriate.
Given those assumptions, "Increase the CO2" is good advice and "Test the
water" is not.  But as your experience shows, some of the time it is not.

Of course, there are many people who use EI and obtain great results from


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