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Re: [APD] CO2 angst -- Or - Something to Munch on

Just one of the many reasons why a bubble counter is inessential and often not really useful. It's useful application requires establishing conditons and then correlating that with a bubble count, which is then good only if the conditions remain. Adding lots of faster growing plants can use up CO2 faster and requre a higher bubble rate than before -- and vice versa. Changes in water flow can have some effect -- not to mention temperature.

Most the changes in conditions are probably not significant but using a bubble counter is a bit like counting seconds between road signs to tell how fast you are driving.

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Another issue I ran into a couple of times is that my method of  
diffusing CO2 into the water was such that the same bubble rate  
resulted in less CO2 in the water - plugged holes in a spray bar, for  
example.  . . . Vaughn H.

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