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Re: [APD] CO2 levels and why we care

Doesn't that also assume all alk. is from bicarbonate and that there are 
no acids from fish waste, drift wood, etc in the water.  As I said, I'm 
using a LaMotte kit for alk. and my Milwaulkee monitor is calibrated 
using 7.01 solution and the slope was checked with 4.0 solution.  My 
fish and snails are fine and the BBA is loving it.  Even the Corydoras 
pygmeaus, who are usually a bit touchy about high CO2 levels (or maybe 
its low O2) are happily schooling.  I pour CO2 into the tank for 
probably 10 out of the 12 hours the lights are on, using a glass Rhinox 
diffuser and get very good mist coverage all over the tank.

So I guess the question is, do we all actually have higher CO2, and 
relatively unaffected fish, that we originally though or is something 
else a miss.  I remember reading somewhere that fish should be fine up 
to 40-50ppm, though I don't remember where or if that statement was 

Do I need to know this info to grow plants well?  Of course not, but why 
can't I be curious?  I personally don't like people who bash others on 
their pursuit of knowledge or better understanding.  Heck, where would 
we (humans) be if people did not study obscure things out of curiosity?  
I am not interested in my CO2 levels to make me a better grower of 
plants, I am interested because I don't already know it.


Jerry Baker wrote:
> Dennis Dietz wrote:
>> so, for fun again:
>> ppm CO2= 3*kH*10exp(7-pH)
>> = 3*5*10exp(1.1)
>> =188.8
> Correct. If you really have a KH of 5 degrees and a pH of 5.9, then your 
> CO2 is 189ppm (assuming you're not filtering with peat, etc.).

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