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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 37, Issue 20

Sorry Larry, 

Now you can suggest A&H supply like most of the APD folks, we
try and steer(moooo!)folks the right way and save them some $$.

The display the owner of A&H had set up was very telling, Jebo
and many other cheapo brands have bottomed out prices, but
qualitity along with it it.

I've found some nice E ballast T5 stuff locally.
But for PC, I eithe rhave it in a pre made pendent w/HQI's or a
DIY A&H Supply.

DIY A&H is easy and if you are handy, you can make it look very
nice. If you can, get a few end caps with straight and square
pin configurations so you can use various blubs
etc..........They are easy to rewire depending on bulb
preferences and cost.

You can save 10$ a bulb for a 2 $ part.
A&H will sell you those also. 

I like a mix of a 5000K and mostly 8800K, some like a mix of
6700K and 9325K or a 10K and 6700K.

Those are the most popular/nicest looking bulb temps around


Tom Barr

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