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Re: [APD] No snails, no botias

> Copper in the water?

I don't *think* so, as I have a couple of good friends w/ snails in their
tanks in the same city (Charlotte, NC).  I have an outdoor tub with snails
as well (no fish).  It gets regular WCs - but half from 75 gallon tank water
and half from the tab.  No conditioners used on any tanks during a WC.

> My german ramsloved to eat snails - maybe your apisto is too?

That would be my guess as well - but would one 2", fairly well fed apisto
keep a 75 gallon tank with in check?

Has anyone else had issues getting ANY snail populations to take hold?  A
single apisto is my only possible snail hunter in the tank that I can tell.
Do BN plecs, ottos or other fish eat the eggs of ramshorns?

My best guess at this point is to up the feeding - that they are simply not
getting enough extra food to sustain a population.  I might simply not be
feeding enough and I have no algae for them to feed on, save some
ocacsional, very, very light green dust algae on the front glass that I
clean every 2+ weeks.

Tank was re-setup 2 months ago, but the substrate is certainly mature.
Light gravel vac'ing every few water changes.  Basically your typical EI
dosed, CO2 injected 75 gallon tank w/ 4x55 AH Supply lights.

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