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Re: [APD] Rotala macrandra

> Name/Email:

Bubba the Green Thumb
Same as posted here.

> How long have you  grown *Macrandra* successfully?

12 years.

> Before you were successful, were you unsuccessful (and what
> changed that)?

Off and on, CO2 mist.
> What are your tank conditions:
> Lighting -

2 w/gal to 6w/gal
Looks best at 2-3w/gal, more is not better.
> Temp -

Does not matter over 70-95F

> pH -

Never mattered.

> KH -

Matters, does best at relatively low KH's, 0-5.
In general, the softer the better.

> Ca (ppm)-
> Mg (ppm)-

At a 4:1, about 2-10 range is good, more seems to bring out deep
reds, many in SF that added small amounts of GH booster has pale
but healthy plants, I tended to have redder plants and my GH is
about 9 where I was at.

> Cl (ppm)-

Does not matter over a wide range

> Fe (ppm)-

Does not matter, you will not get any correlation due to test
protocols and test kit issues.

> additives/frequency (PMDD, KNO3, CaCl, CaSO4, etc...)?

3x a week, EI

> Substrate/additives/cables...

Plain sand to Flourite to ADA Aqua soil substrate.
Did well in all.
Cables never made any differences I've ever noted after 10 years
of their use.
> Anything else you can think of...
> I'll correlate and table and look for a web-page volunteer.
> - Jeff

If you use EI, ADA AS, good light(say 3w/gal), blast the CO2
mist into the plant, have relatively low KH, you can grow
anything you want.
I get maybe 1" a day.

Tom Barr 


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